Welcome to Connols Air Pte Ltd

Company Profile

Connols-Air is a subsidiary of OLS Manufacturing Co. that has strong manufacturing presence in Singapore and provides a range of air distribution devices and control dampers to Asia Pacific markets.

Connols-Air (S) Pte Ltd was registered in Singapore on 3rd March 1989 with the aim of marketing products manufactured by its parent company OLS Manufacturing Co Pte Ltd (originally known as Ong Leong Seng Enterprise Pte Ltd), a Singapore registered, family business enterprise incorporated on 3rd April 1973. The primary business of OLS is manufacturing, engineering and R & D activities while the main objectives of Connols-Air is the marketing and sales of our in-house brand air distribution devices and OLS’s brand fire, smoke and air control devices for the ACMV markets. Our aim is to manufacture good quality products and to bring them to regional markets especially the ASEAN countries.

Going forward, we plan to enhance the expertise and knowledge of our sales personnel so that each of them become product specialists or business managers. OLS will continue to improve our products and provide Connols-Air with engineering support and all other activities. Currently we have 20 Sales and Marketing personnel and the number is expected to increase over the next few years.

Additionally, we plan to develop partnerships with businesses in the same industries who are leaders in their product line to complement our range of product. Together we plan to be the preferred supplier of high-end products for the ACMV industries in the Asia Pacific Region. We aim to provide technical support to M & E engineers, architects and building owners in their effort to design and create energy efficient buildings.

Our Vision

Our vision is to carry out continuous product development and quality improvement to the extent that we will be recognized as the highest quality producer in every market that we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and supply innovative products that contribute to cleaner, safer and more conducive indoor climatic condition.

Our Service Commitment

We wish to assure customers who purchased our products that we are a supplier who, not only wish to sell products, but to solve related problem.