Welcome to Connols-Air Pte Ltd

Company Profile

Connols-Air Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of OLS Manufacturing Co. Pte Ltd, a dynamic and innovative corporation with a strong manufacturing presence in Singapore. Connols-Air Pte Ltd specializes in providing cutting-edge Air Distribution devices and Control Dampers for the rapidly evolving Asia Pacific markets.

Established in Singapore on 3rd March 1989, Connols-Air Pte Ltd was created with a singular vision - to market the exceptional products engineered by its parent company, OLS Manufacturing Co. Pte Ltd (formerly known as Ong Leong Seng Enterprise Pte Ltd), a local registered enterprise established on 3rd April 1973.

As a leader in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Research & Development (R&D) initiatives, OLS Manufacturing Co. Pte Ltd drives our primary business focus, while Connols-Air Pte Ltd spearheads the Marketing and Sales aspect of our renowned Air Distribution devices and OLS' state-of-the-art Fire, Smoke, and Air Control devices for the Air-Conditioning, Mechanical, and Ventilation (ACMV) markets.

Our unwavering commitment lies in manufacturing the highest quality products and strategically marketing them within the ASEAN countries and beyond, as we embrace the transformative era of Industry 4.0.

As we forge ahead, we are dedicated to empowering our Sales Consultants, equipping them with specialized expertise, transforming them into esteemed Product Specialists and astute Business Managers.

OLS Manufacturing Co. Pte Ltd consistently nurtures product excellence and remains steadfast in providing comprehensive Engineering support to Connols-Air, alongside other integral aspects. Currently, we boast a team of 20 dynamic Sales and Marketing Consultants, with plans for expansion in the coming years.

Moreover, we are actively pursuing strategic partnerships with industry-leading businesses to complement our existing range of products. Together, we aspire to become the preferred supplier of high-quality products for the ACMV industries in the Asia Pacific Region. Our objective is to provide unparalleled technical support to M&E Engineers, Architects, and Building Owners, enabling them to design and construct energy-efficient buildings in their pursuit of sustainability.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the highest-quality product developer and supplier in every market/sector which we serve with a strong focus on continuous and consistent product development and quality improvement.

Our Mission

To be at the forefront of creating and supplying innovative products that can contribute to a cleaner, safer and more conducive indoor environment.

Our Service Commitment

We are committed to understanding our Customers’ needs and providing effective solutions promptly. We serve with integrity and professionalism.