AMDC – Louvered Face Diffuser With HEPA Filter

AMDC – Louvered Face Diffuser With HEPA Filter
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AMDC – Louvered Face Diffuser With HEPA Filter


The all-aluminum AMDC provides a high volume of filtered airflow with a very high induction rate and horizontal air pattern. The high induction rate works to dilute contaminants by quickly mixing room and supply air. The horizontal air pattern helps to direct the contaminated air toward low-level exhaust grilles where it is removed from the clean space. 

Typical Applications
AMDC louvered face diffusers with replaceable HEPA filters are an effective air distribution solution in today’s modern cleanrooms. They are designed to provide large volumes of filtered air in a 4-way horizontal air pattern.

Construction Options

  • Options
    • Room Side Adjustable Inlet Damper
    • Static Pressure Port 
    • Exterior Insulation

Available filter efficiencies:
HE           95% at 0.3 μm
HEPA      99.99% at 0.3 μm
ULPA      99.999% at 0.12 μm