Axial Fan

Model: Uni-directional type – “ZVN” Series
Model: Fully Reversible type – “ZVR” Series

Axial Fan
  • San Petersburgo Vertical Axial Fan

Axial Fan

Description        :

ZITRÓN has a wide experience in vertical fans, which has been supplied in the most recent tunnel projects world-wide.

According to the design of the tunnel ventilation system, axial fans are commonly used exhausting polluted air and fumes in case of a tunnel fire, but also blowing fresh air inside the tunnel.

Axial fans can be uni-directional type (our “ZVN” series) or fully reversible type (our “ZVR” series). The uni-directional fans are able to reach to 85 % efficiency, while the fully reversible fans can achieve up to 78 % efficiency. In case the uni-directional fans are requested to operate in reverse, their efficiency and performance will be lower than in the forward direction.

Although one stage axial fans are the most commonly used in tunnel and metro ventilation systems, when the pressure requirements are high, two stage fans could be needed.


  • Tested and certifies to operate at high temperature conditions according to Standard EN 12102-3
  • Fans can be manufactured either with for horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Variable pitch blades able to either be hydraulically or electro-mechanically adjusted during operations
  • able to use in combination with motors suitable for operation over inverter or with motors with one or more speed.