Broad Multiplex Outlet

Broad Multiplex Outlet
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Broad Multiplex Outlet

Data :
Volume flow rate range: 22 – 150 l/s [80 – 540 m³/h]
Nominal lengths: 600, 800 and 1 000 mm
Available designs: 1-row and 2-row design
Mounting height: 2.2 – 4 m


  • Sidewall air outlet fulfilling the high thermal comfort criteria for commercial applications to EN ISO 7730
  • Perforated front plate with built-in nozzle discs in 1-row or 2-row design
  • Combined mixing/displacement ventilation system ensuring a high ventilation efficiency in the occupied zone
  • The air jets can be spread out as broadly as desired by manually rotating or adjustable individual nozzle discs by up to 360°
  • High thermal comfort, suitable for hotel room to cover the whole room with big area of coverage
  • Maximum temperature difference between supply and indoor air ±10 K
  • Low sound power level and low pressure drop, thus well suited for connection to fan coils.
  • Optional perforated face to hide the nozzle.