FRFD – Flush Face Radial Flow Diffuser

FRFD – Flush Face Radial Flow Diffuser
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FRFD – Flush Face Radial Flow Diffuser


The Flush Face Radial Flow Diffuser (FRFD) is designed to maximize comfort while handling large volumes of air in confined spaces with low room air velocities. Typically mounted in the ceiling with a full radial air pattern, FRFDs produce a low initial face velocity and minimizes entrainment of room air. 

Typical Applications
FRFD flush face radial flow diffusers are commonly used in laboratories and airborne infectious isolation rooms where short throw and high airflow capacity are required. These diffusers provide a high level of dilution while maintaining occupant comfort with a minimal number of diffusers. The FRFD is a combination of ASHRAE group A and group E diffusers and meets ASHRAE 170 requirements for ventilation of healthcare facilities.

Construction Options

  • Material
    • Steel plenum with aluminum face (FRFD/FRFDP/FRFDA)
    • Aluminum (AFRFD/AFRFDP/ AFRFDA)
    • Stainless Steel (FRFDSS/FRFDPSS/ FRFDSSA)
  •  Style
    • Perforated Face (FRFDP/AFRFDP/ FRFDPSS)
    •  Adjustable air pattern (FRFDA/ AFRFDA/FRFDSSA)
  • Airflow
    • Fixed 1-way half radial
    • Fixed 2-way full radial
    • Adjustable (can provide 2-way radial, 1-way radial, 2-way horizontal and vertical airflow)
  • Options
    • External insulation
    • Adjustable inlet damper