Jet Fan

Model: Uni-directional type – “JZ” Series
Model: Fully Reversible type – “JZR” Series

Jet Fan
  • Jet Fan
  • Alto infanzon Jet Fan S
  • Sochi Jet Fan

Jet Fan

Description        :

Among all different tunnel ventilation systems, the longitudinal ventilation with jet fans is the most extended one, due to its flexibility and lower cost compared with transverse and semi-transverse ventilation systems using axial fans.

Jet fans can be uni-directional type (our “JZ” series) or fully reversible type (our “JZR” series). The uni-directional jet fans, with asymmetrical blades, are designed to optimise their performance in one direction (forward), while the fully reversible jet fans, with symmetrical blades, are able to achieve the same performance in both directions (forward and reverse).

The jet fans are installed inside the tunnel, either hanging them from the ceiling by means of a suspensions system or placing them on top of small base frames fixed to the lateral walls of the tunnel. Normally suspension system or base frames are also included in ZITRÓN´s scope.


  • Tested and certifies to operate at high temperature conditions according to Standard EN 12102-3
  • Anti-corrosive treatments to protect the Fans against corrosion and enlarge their operative life.

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