LFD – Laminar Flow Diffuser

LFD – Laminar Flow Diffuser
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LFD – Laminar Flow Diffuser


Laminar flow diffusers are engineered to provide a uniform, unidirectional low velocity air pattern. The column-like airflow displaces airborne particulate down and away from the area below the diffuser. Available in a variety of sizes and construction types, with many standard and optional features, the LFD is the most versatile laminar flow diffuser on the market.

Typical Applications
The LFD is ideal for use in applications where entrainment or mixing of room air is undesirable or unsafe including operating rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, cleanrooms and other critical environment spaces. Classified as an ASHRAE group E non-aspirating diffuser the LFD meets all ASHRAE 170 performance and construction requirements.

Construction Options

  • Baffle Style
    • Equalization baffle (LFD)
    • Equalization “V” Baffle (LFD3)
  • Options
    • Hybrid plenum construction
    • One-piece welded plenum
    • Adjustable inlet damper
    • Factory installed insulation