LFDC – Laminar Flow Diffuser With HEPA Filter

LFDC – Laminar Flow Diffuser With HEPA Filter
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LFDC – Laminar Flow Diffuser With HEPA Filter


The Laminar Flow Diffuser with HEPA Filter has been designed to suit the stringent requirements of modern operating rooms and other clean spaces. The LFDC provides a means of controlling particle concentration within a room by providing unidirectional laminar airflow with low initial face velocity, supplying clean air to the space without entrainment of contaminated air from the occupied space.

Typical Applications
The LFDC is classified as an ASHRAE group E non-aspirating diffuser and meets all ASHRAE 170 performance and construction requirements. LFDC diffusers are required by code or commonly used in Operating Rooms, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing facilities, Cleanrooms and other critical environment spaces.

Construction Options

  • Material
    • Aluminum (LFDC)
    • Stainless Steel (LFDCSS)
  • Options
    • LED filter status indicator
    • Room-side adjustable damper
    • Aerosol test system
    • Distribution plate
    • Casing Insulation

Available filter efficiencies:
HE           95% at 0.3 μm
HEPA      99.99% at 0.3 μm
ULPA      99.999% at 0.12 μm