Light Troffer Diffuser

Model: TS - Single-sided with Fixed Nozzle
Model: TD - Double-Sided with Fixed Nozzle
Model: TSA - Single-Sided with Adjustable Deflector
Model: TDA - Double sided with adjustable deflector

Light Troffer Diffuser
  • LIght Troffer

Light Troffer Diffuser

Standard Overall Size : 1200 x 600mm or 600 x 600mm
Ceiling Height : 2.5 to 4.5m
Recommended Air Flow Range (cmh):
Version 600L 1200L
Single Sided 110 – 135 280 – 350
Double Sided 225 – 275 560 – 700

Description        :

Connols-Air Model TS, TD, TSA, TSR light troffer air diffuser is a rectangular/square integrated air-light fixture designed to achieve good room air distribution and low operating noise.  It is available in single-sided and double-sided versions and in 600 mm and 1200 mm lengths.  Double-sided diffuser is constructed of two supply air boots one on each side of the light and connected with a bridge plenum.  Single-sided diffuser is constructed of one supply air boot mounted on either side of the light; other side of the light may be installed with or without air boot for returning air. 

All air boots and bridge plenum are constructed of galvanized steel and are acoustically treated with fire retardant acoustic foam that can effectively attenuate upstream damper and duct Bourne noise.  Each supply air boot may be equipped with a fixed nozzle that is designed to give fix horizontal air throw pattern, either one-way or two-way opposing flow that must be pre-selected, fixed in the factory and not adjustable onsite.  With fixed nozzle, the double or single-sided is equipped with a balancing damper at the inlet spigot which is fixed on the bridge plenum or air boot for either top or side air entry respectively.


  • Easy to attach or detach diffuser from light luminaires onsite.
  • Easy relocation of diffuser onsite if required.
  • Even air flow across the length of the air troffer diffuser slots.
  • Effectively attenuates upstream damper and duct borne noise.
  • Control blades easily adjusted from the faces of the air diffusers.
  • Accurate and easy balancing