Linear Supply/Return Air Grille

Model: S1100, S1200, S2200, S2215
Model: RS1100, RS1200, RS2200, RS2215
Model: FS1100, FS1200, FS2200
Model: AS1100, AS1200, AS2200
Model: SS1100, CS1200, CS2200

Linear Supply/Return Air Grille
  • Linear Supply/Return Air Grille

Linear Supply/Return Air Grille

Standard Height: 50mm to 600mm at 12.5mm increments
Standard Length: 600mm to 2400mm at 300mm increments
Core Details:
Core Model Bar Thickness (mm) Bar Deflection (degree) Bar spacing C-C (mm)
1100 3 0 6.35
1200 3 0 6.35
2200 5 15 12.7
2215 5 15 12.7

Description        :

CONNOLS-AIR linear air grilles and registers (grilles) are designed with a slim and streamlined look. For a pleasing and a modern appearance, they are most suitable when continuous grilles are designed to blend into the interior. The grilles are ideal for medium size space where horizontal throw of 6 to 10 m may be required. For small space, the grille may be supplied with integrated real adjustable blades to control throw and spread of airflow to all parts of the room.  The grille is ideal for high ceiling of 15 m where long vertical throw is required to reach the occupied zone.

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Continuous length
Long length linear grille is supplied in separate pieces of 2400 mm lengths with the balance supplied in two equal lengths one on each end. Continuous run installed on false ceiling and wall with turn around corner is supplied with mitered joint.

Curve shape
Linear grilles may be supplied in curve shape (arc, circular, elliptical). The vertical curve grille for installation on sidewall may be concave or convex in shape subject to minimum radius of 1.5 m. Horizontal curve grilles are available for installation on the false ceiling subject to minimum radius of 1 m.

The grille is suitable for installation on sidewall to height of 5 m and on false ceiling to 15 meter.

Condensation resistant
Anti-condensation feature is built into the linear grille models with integrated plenum. Creating uniform airflow across the grille core and thermal insulation around the perimeter frame prevents condensation.

Type of linear air grille

  • S1100/S1200/S2200/S2215 – Standard models with single frame
  • S1100/S1200/SV2200/SV2215 – Standard models with integrated rear adjustable blades
  • RS1100/RS1200/RS2200/RS2215 – Removable core models with dual frame
  • RSV1100/RSV1200/RSV2200/RSV2215 – Removable core models with dual frame and integrated rear adjustable blades
  • FS1100/FS1200/FS2200 – Removable core models with dual frame and removable filter
  • CS1100/CS1200/CS2200/CS2215 – Curve models with single frame
  • AS1100/ACS1200/ACS2200 - Condensation resistant models with integrated plenum and inlet balancing damper

Frame style

  • Single frame with 5 mm flat border,
  • Single frame with 17.4 mm flat border,
  • Single frame with 30 mm curve border,
  • Removable double frame with 36 mm flat border (for use on removable core and filter return air grille),
  • Single frame with 25 mm flat border (for use on condensation resistance grille only).

Standard color is powder coated baked enamel white RAL 9010, 70% gloss and black RAL 9004 20% gloss. Other colors are available upon request at minimum extra cost.



  • Five different frame styles suitable for different needs,
  • Available with airfoil adjustable deflectors for control of throw, spread and direction of airflow.
  • Curved models blend perfectly into the modern interior
  • Mitered corners are available for continuous installation on wall and ceiling,
  • Inner core of removable core filter models can be easily removed for cleaning and changing of filter.
  • When installed below fan coil unit, removable core models may be used as access panel.
  • Condensation resistant model is available for location with high humidity.