Non Return Damper/Pressure Relief Damper

Model: NA100-R10
Model: NA100-R00

Non Return Damper/Pressure Relief Damper
  • NRD

Non Return Damper/Pressure Relief Damper

Minimum size single module : 150 x 150mm
Maximum size single module : 900 x 1500mm
Operating Velocity :  10m/s

Description        :

OLS Non-return damper frame is constructed of high quality hot-dipped pre galvanised steel sheet of 1.20mm thick cold-formed ‘C’ channels. The channels are mechanically fastened and welded at each corner. The standard frame depth is 150mm with 38mm flange for duct to duct connection; other frame depth and flange dimensions are available upon request.



  • Blade-edge neoprene seal on each blade is provided to minimize air leakage from backflow
  • Damper may be fitted with counterweight for pressure relief function.
  • Maximum size of one module damper is 900mm by 1500mm.