RFD – Radial Flow Diffuser

RFD – Radial Flow Diffuser
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RFD – Radial Flow Diffuser


The Radial Flow Diffuser (RFD)’s patented construction is designed to handle large volumes of air with extremely short throws to minimize velocity in the occupied zone. Ideal for use in laboratories, the RFD is able to provide large volumes of make-up air, at low velocity, without adversely impacting containment at fume hoods.

Typical Applications
The RFD is commonly used in laboratories and airborne infectious isolation rooms where short throw and high airflow capacity are required. This diffuser is able to provide a high level of dilution while maintaining occupant comfort with a minimal number of diffusers. The RFD is a combination of ASHRAE group A and group E diffuser and meets ASHRAE 170 requirements for the ventilation of healthcare facilities.

Construction Options

  • Material
    • Aluminum (RFD)
    • Stainless Steel (RFDSS)
  • Airflow Pattern
    • 1-way half radial
    • 2-way full radial
  • Options
    • Exterior insulation