Square Swirl Diffuser

Model: SWL50

Square Swirl Diffuser

Square Swirl Diffuser

Description        :

CONNOLS-AIR Square face diffuser is constructed of electro-galvanized steel with blades arranged in radial pattern to provide a horizontal swirl air discharge that adheres tightly to the ceiling. This feature makes the diffuser most suitable for use with variable air volume system. The swirl air discharge provides high induction and cause rapid mixing of room air leading to rapid temperature equalization and room air velocity.

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VAV system with VAV box is able to save significant amount of energy due partly to the box’s ability to operate at high turndown ratio thereby saving on cooling and fan energy. However, the VAV box cannot do it alone. VAV box provides the minimum airflow required to maintaining the desired room temperature, however, selection of the right type of diffuser is necessary to maintain proper air distribution leading to uniformity in room temperature and air velocity and, therefore, comfort. SWL 50 diffuser is able to provide horizontal air throw without dumping for airflow down to 50 per cent of its design maximum airflow.

The diffuser is designed for installation on inverted tee bar ceiling or surface mounted to plaster ceiling. Alternative face edge design is available for installation on inverted tee bar ceiling with 6 mm step-down at the edges to match similar feature on ceiling panel.

All supply air diffusers are supplied with circular adaptor with top inlet for connection to flexible duct. Each adaptor includes a dual-purpose circular disc balancing damper and equalizer for minor throttling and uniform air distribution.

The dual-purpose disc is easily adjusted for airflow balancing through the diffuser face from the room side. Alternatively the diffuser may be supplied with circular plenum internally insulated with acoustic foam for absorption of noise from upstream devices such as the VAV box and balancing damper.



  • Swirl air discharge provide high induction, rapid mixing and rapid temperature equalization and room air velocity
  • Blade angle provides excellent horizontal air discharge and with Coanda effect, the diffuser is ideal for VAV system
  • Plenum with acoustic foam contributes to better indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Circular plenum provide good air discharge, less turbulence, pressure loss and generated noise
  • Two face designs to match ceiling profiles
  • IAQ and indoor climate are excellent sales features for tenancy promotion


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