Acutherm TL Therma-Fuser™

Acutherm TL Therma-Fuser™

Acutherm TL Therma-Fuser™

Data :
Volume flow rate range: 100-1000 cmh
Nominal sizes: 1 slot, 2 slot and 4 slot, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm length
Discharge height: 2.2 – 4.5 m


  • High Thermal Comfort( ADPI 80%) and Good Coanda Effect.
  • Low Energy or low pressure system.
  • Low Turndown Ratio(Up to 10%).
  • Accuracy up to 1.5ᵒF or 0.8ᵒC.
  • Low Installation Cost Per Zone.
  • Flexible to Layout Change.
  • No maintenance and warranty up to 10years.
  • Solid and smooth panel appearance
  • Easy T&C.
  • Low ceiling space require
  • Fully self-powered, no wiring and electronic component required.
  • Optional accessories for room adjuster and temperature sensor.
  • Available in M series and E series( can link to BMS)

For more information on the benefits of Therma-Fuser™ High-Performance System please click here

Application :

  • Commercial Offices.
  • Green Mark buildings.
  • Hospital and Clinic.
  • High Security Buildings


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