Motorized Volume Control Damper

Model: MD2, Opposed Blade
Model: LD1, Low Leakage Parallel Blade

Motorized Volume Control Damper
  • Volume Control damper
  • Volume Control damper v2
  • Balancing Damper
  • Motorized Damper

Motorized Volume Control Damper

Data :
Minimum size single module: 150 X 150mm
Maximum size single module: 900 X 1500 mm
Operating pressure: 1000 Pa
Operating velocity: 10 m/s

Description        :

OLS Balancing/Motorized dampers are constructed of precision-formed parts so that a high standard of quality for the finished product can be achieved. They are designed for trouble-free operation without need for maintenance. The precision-formed blades ensure long-term consistent performance.


  • Modular design for easy assembly on site.
  • Gear-action manual operator for large dampers.
  • Non-metallic bearings prevent metal to metal contact.
  • Square shafts prevent slip between blades & axles, and operator & axle.
  • Low pressure loss & low leakage
  • Specially rolled-formed guarantee performance of dampers.
  • Reliable with stainless steel or non-metallic components for moving parts


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