External Weatherproof Lourve

Model: 30H

External Weatherproof Lourve

External Weatherproof Lourve

Minimum Size : 300 x 300 mm
Maximum Size : 1800 X 1200 mm
Larger Size : Multiple modules assemble onsite
Recommended Air Flow Range (cmh):
Height/Width 300 600 900
300 200 400 600
450 474 945 1421
600 700 1390 2090
750 951 1900 2855
900 1239 2478 3718

Description        :

Connols-Air Model 30H Lourve is a true weatherproof louvre for outdoor air intake and exhaust ventilation applications. Standard louvre frame is constructed of heavy gauge extruded aluminium with face border of 38 mm and a depth of 100 mm. The blade also constructed of heavy gauge aluminium designed with a 30 degrees’ angle and spacing of 60 mm provide maximum free area. The lip at the rear of each blade prevent water flowing over it. The louvre with its blade design and spacing, and its frame depth minimize water penetration. As a standard, the louvre is powder coated in baked white enamel RAL 9010.  Opposed Blade damper is available for control of fresh air intake. Bird and insect screen available upon request. All dampers, bird and insect screens are available in mill finish.


  • Heavy gauge frame and blade
  • Low pressure loss
  • Low water penetration
  • Blades are securely fastened at 30° angle and 60mm centre provide maximum free area
  • Large sizes are joined by section using Mullions